5 Awesome Makeup Tips for Indian Skin

We all love makeup, and most of us know how to do basic makeup. Different areas have different weather conditions, and for that you need a specific type of skincare and makeup type. Today we will be talking about a few makeup tips for Indian skin. In India we have mixed weather conditions throughout the year and for that you need specified makeup and skincare products. Since we are in between summers and monsoons in most parts of the country right now, we will be sharing a few makeup tips for Indian skin specially for this weather.


One major part of your summer skincare is to cleanse your face at least twice a day. Cleansing your skin not only helps in cleaning out the dirt, grime, oil, and pollution, but it also helps in cleansing your pores from deep within while also hydrating and refreshing your skin. Cleansing your face before makeup is extremely important because it helps in getting rid of all the dirt and oil so that your makeup can be applied on a clean and fine canvas.

Make sure you cleanse your skin at least twice a day for best results. And don’t forget to deeply cleanse your face when it is time to remove your makeup.


The next step that you must follow as a part of your skincare before makeup is toning. Using a toner after cleansing your face is extremely essential. If you have been suffering from large and open pores, then a great makeup idea for Indian skin is to use a toner after cleansing your face. This not only helps in minimising your pores but it also helps in balancing the natural pH level of your skin.

This will deeply hydrate and prep your skin for makeup without making your pores visible and also it will not make your makeup look cakey and patchy. If you are going for a natural makeup look for Indian skin then minimal makeup is the key and hence toning will give your skin a natural glow while you go for a look like this.


The next makeup tip for Indian skin is to hydrate your skin after toning. If you are someone with extremely dry skin then this step is important so that your skin is not dehydrated and your makeup looks natural and glowing. You can either use a serum or a moisturiser to hydrate your skin.

Applying a moisturiser or a serum before makeup is extremely essential because it is that one product that helps in moisturising and hydrating your skin from within. If you don’t apply a moisturiser before makeup then your skin will become extremely dry and your makeup will look cakey and patchy immediately. If you plan to step out, then after applying your serum or your moisturiser, make sure you apply a sunscreen lotion as well.


The next makeup tip for Indian skin that you must follow is to use a primer before you do your base makeup. Your primer not only helps in priming your skin, but it also helps in blurring out pores, fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation. Your primer also helps in making your makeup last longer and also makes it waterproof.

If you want a natural makeup look for Indian skin, then you must apply your primer first and then you can finish off your makeup with just a concealer and a compact powder. This will give your face a fresh and an even tone look instantly. You can also finish off with a little bit of blush for that extra flush of colour.

Blush & Eye makeup

Once your base makeup is complete, for a natural makeup look for Indian skin, start applying your blush on your cheek bones and brush it in an upwards direction for an uplifted and a flush of colour. You can also apply a little bit of blush on your nose for a pretty sun-kissed look. If you are going for a Glam Indian look, then make sure you go in for some dramatic eye makeup and a funky eyeliner style.

This will elevate your entire look instantly and make sure you finish off with a little bit of mascara. You can also use your kohl kajal and blend it out for a seamless smokey eye makeup look. You can then finish off your entire look with an alcohol free perfume to smell fresh and amazing throughout the day.

Now that you are sorted with a few of the best makeup tips for Indian skin, it is now time to go and get ready and look your best for any occasion and any festival that might be coming up your way.

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