6 Fashion Hacks to Make Your Everyday Look Chic

Whenever you see style bloggers and celebrities, this thought might occur to you – they have a super cool unlimited ready to wear wardrobe collection. Hate to break the news but it’s not what you think. All they do is make tiny tweaks and even the most basic outfits start looking chic. You can do the same!  

These fashionistas create new looks using the same pieces. I have followed a handful of style bloggers and this is what I have observed over and over again. The best part, you don’t need a stylist to look cool. You don’t have to shop from the best online shopping sites for women’s clothing either. You can create stylish looks using your existing wardrobe!

Start with these fashion hacks that can work with any outfit:

1. Add a Scarf

Scarves can turn something boring into chic. Some people prefer wearing necklaces to add a spark to their basic outerwear but not me. I prefer carrying a scarf. Why? Because there are so many creatives ways of wearing it.

Option 1: Tie it up

Fold your scarf into half and tie it behind your neck. Keep the pointed side in the front. It looks trendy.

Option 2: Roll It

Roll the scarf and tie it around your neck. I carry this look on my bad hair day by placing the scarf around in place of the headband for keeping my hair off my face. It works wonders.

2. Wear Lots of Rings

Another hack for making an ordinary outfit look cooler is by wearing rings. One ring sounds cute but 8 rings sound cuter. This does not mean you stack your fingers with all the rings you have in a jewelry box like a preschooler does when they find their mom’s jewelry box. You must stack them carefully. These tips might help:

  • The boldest and biggest ring must go on your index finger.
  • Wear the smaller rings on the ring finger. You can create a mix of large and midi rings to create a layered look.
  • Finish the look by stacking 2 to 3 midi rings on your middle finger for creating a contrast.

3. Cuff Your Jeans

Somedays you feel like bringing variation to your daily look, right? When I have such an urge, I cuff my jeans. This trick instantly freshens up the outfit you have worn repeatedly.

If you are wearing new footwear, cuffing your jeans is a smart way to show off your shoes. But whether or not this would look good depends on the style of your pants.

4. Use an Unusual Color Combination

Before someone pays attention to your body type and style, color is the first thing they notice. In other words, color selection can make or break your look. If you don’t want to spend much money on clothes, no problem, just combine unexpected color combinations. It’s a noticeable way of changing your style.

However, you must be a little careful when choosing colors. Spend some time exploring magazines and look books from different fashion houses to understand the importance of color combinations. Stick to one rule – choose 3 different colors in your ensemble only. You can also use one color twice. Avoid neutral colors like white, black, grey, and beige and its variations.

5. Wear a Jacket

Whenever in doubt, wear a jacket. It helps create a strong shoulder line. It can make your entire ensemble look stylish and expensive. That’s why you will see a number of female celebrities including Victoria Beckham wear jackets.

To keep it simple, pair a nice T-shirt with a jacket and cuff jeans maybe? You will look elegant. You can also roll up the sleeves of the jacket and wear a bracelet.

6. Get Yourself a Pair of Mules

Just like having a pair of jacket/blazer is a must, make sure you have a pair of mules in your shoe closet as well. They are a perfect transition shoe. Half stiletto (so that you can wear them during summer evenings) and half bootie (just perfect for a cold breeze), mules are a woman’s best friend.

Don’t feel like wearing booties to work or a night out with friends? Rock an amazing pair of mules. They are a perfect rescue in the cold weather when you don’t feel like wearing snow boots.

Final Words

These fashion hacks are simple but they can transform your everyday look. I don’t spend my time looking for Chiffon Collection. Instead, I try to create chic looks in my head by pairing different outfits and accessories. 

It’s a valuable lesson learned by following celebrities, models and even royals like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markel on Instagram. They repeat outfits by adding variations to their looks. And no doubt, they always look wonderful!

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