Amla Powder: Benefits, How To Use

If you’ve come this far, you must be a nature lover.A person who always tries to rely on natural products for their usage on a daily basis Natural berries and fruits are used for multiple purposes, but right now you are looking for Amla, which is also known as Indian gooseberry, has numerous uses and benefits. People consume it in pickled form and as a detox drink. Amla hair oil is so tremendous for hair benefits. So let’s discuss all the benefits of amla powder and how you can use it. 

Benefits of Amla Powder (Indian Gooseberry Powder) 

Nutritionally, amla is so beneficial from head to toe. It is used for many benefits. It is rich in vitamin C, calcium, and iron. It helps in boosting the immunity and provides many more nutrients; due to all these, it will not be wrong if I give amla the title “power house of benefits.” Why I chose this title for this article: Here we’ll discuss all the benefits of amla, and you will agree with me after knowing it well. 

1: Immunity booster

Amla is a natural immunity booster. At the time of the COVID-19 pandemic, when all the doctors were suggesting people boost their immunity, gooseberries were used by many people. You can consume it by eating the boiled amla (gooseberry) with a glass of water in the morning, or you can simply make a smoothie of gooseberry for your immunity. so that your body can fight any infection caused by viral or bacterial diseases 

2: Cholesterol 

Many people are now suffering from high cholesterol, which causes heart diseases. Eating amla also helps reduce cholesterol.

3: Anti-inflammatory 

Amla has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which are beneficial for stomach inflammation and also reduce the acid level in the stomach. 

4: Blood purifier 

Amla is also used for the purpose of blood purification. It is helpful if you consume it as a juice by adding honey to it. Most people who eat an unhealthy diet or have other issues have their blood contaminated with harmful particles, which cause a variety of problems and diseases.Acne is caused by contaminated blood in people who suffer from it.So amla juice also helps to reduce skin problems. 

5: Skin problems 

Everyone wishes to be free of acne and other skin-aging issues.If you want a natural and healthy solution to this problem, amla is the best option among all others.You can consume it or add it to your face mask. 

Amla powder has benefits for hair 

Amla is so popular in the world of hair care products. Yes, you must have used a shampoo or oil, and that is what they claimed had amla (gooseberryy ) in it. All thnutrientts properties of amlmakees it perfect for hair benefitsLet’sts discuss them in dept. 

1: Hair growth 

Amla is rich with Vitamin E, which is useful for hair growth. That is why most shampoos and conditioners use amla as their main marketing feature.

2: Scalp health 

Amla also helps in nourishing the scalp so that the dandruff problem can be solved. Dandruff causes itchy scalp flakes. By nourishing the scalp, this problem could be solved. 

3: Head lice 

Head lice are a disgusting problem. But somehow some people have to unpremeditatedly suffer it. But don’t worry; amla is used to end all the lice problems. 

How to use amla powder 

As amla has so many benefits, it can be used in different ways. Most people don’t know how to use it properly, so don’t worry; it is our pleasure to guide you properly. 

Amla powder for hair 

Amla powder could be used as a hair mask by mixing it with other ingredients. 

1: Amla powder with yoghurt and egg 

All you need to do for scalp nourishment is 

  1. Take a bowl and add some yoghurt according to your hair volume. 
  2. Put an egg in it. 
  3. Add two to three table spoons of amla powder to it. 
  4. Mix it well, and apply it to your hair. 
  5. After applying, keep this hair mask on for at least two hours. 
  6. Wash it well, and your hair will be nourished. 

2: Amla powder and henna 

If you are using henna, then you can use amla powder in it for more benefits. All you need to do is add a quantity of amla powder to your henna paste. These two magical powders work

perfectly together. Heena is used to dye grey hair naturally, and amla powder stops hair from pre-greying. So it’s an amazing combination. 

3: Amla hair oil 

If your hair is rough, you should oil it twice a week. Amla hair oil is so beneficial for hair growth and volume, and it helps the hair to be soft, silky, and shinny. So add amla hair oil to your hair care routine. 


We cannot deny the miracles of natural products. Amla (gooseberryy) is one of those magical natural productsthato has tremendous benefits. So use amla to gain all these benefits

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