Complete Guide to take Care of your Garnet Jewelry

Garnets are lovely stones with a wide range of colours that can be used in jewelry. Garnets are great for everyday wear as long as you wash them carefully. Taking good care of your garnet will keep it in pristine condition for many years. Here is a complete guide to take care of your garnet jewelry.

1. Clean your Garnet Jewelry often

Alike every other gemstone jewelry in the market, garnet jewelry is also prone to getting tarnished and attacked by the dust and dirt particles in the environment. 

Regular wear and tear and indeed cause the sheen and shimmer of garnet jewelry, like that glittering garnet ring, to either get dull or less alluring. However, all it takes to re-store that lost elegance and glamour is to ensure that you are thoroughly cleaning the red-raging garnet.

Well, the process is so simple that you will get to see the ignited elegance and brilliance within just a blink of an eye. All you need to do is to just follow this simple, yet highly effective cleansing technique.

  1. Make a solution of luke warm water and a few drops of a mild detergent or soap.
  2. Gently mix it. Now put your tarnished garnet jewelry in that solution
  3. Leave it undisturbed for a few minutes
  4. Meanwhile, take a toothbrush with soft bristles and use it to get off those stubborn dust and dirt particles on the surface of the garnet
  5. Don’t ruthlessly apply pressure. Just use a soft and gentle hand
  6. Now take out your jewelry and pat dry it using a jewelry cloth or a cotton fabric cloth
  7. Mind your eyes as the glaring shine emanating a red sheen of the garnet jewelry makes it way after getting its beauty restored

The same cleansing technique can also be used to treat other similar graded gemstone jewelry like sterling silver jewelry and opal jewelry.

2. Avoid Using Ultrasound

For all cleansing and caring purpose for those divine and precious gemstone jewelry, ultrasound acts as a one-stop solution. Using its high frequency ultrasound waves, it ensures that the crystal of the stone gets cleaned to its chore. However, one major factor that most of us tend to ignore that those electrically formed waves in the ultrasound show no mercy on comparatively softer gemstones.

With a mere score of 6.5-7 on the Mohs scale of hardness, garnet can’t withstand those strong and ruthless waves of ultrasound. It will definitely end up being chipped from the edges or in the worst-case scenario, it could even suffer severe damage. For harder and stronger gemstones like ruby and diamond, ultrasound is by far, the best cleansing technique.

3. Say to no Harsh Chemicals

If you think that using chemically loaded products like bleach and toothpaste to revive the lost beauty and shimmer of those mundane, yet magnificent garnet jewelry, then be prepared to be responsible for the mishap on its way.

The chemicals can lead to discolouration or deformation of the garnet jewelry. Such instances can cause irreparable damages to delicate gems like garnet. Even avoid using salt as a cleansing agent while making the cleansing solution to clean your garnet jewelry. 

Reason being, it can erode the colour and appearance of the gem and make it look dull and less eye-captivating So, always make sure that you are keeping those heart-loving gems away from all chemicals. Major precautions to keep in mind includes putting away cosmetics like nail polishes, perfumes and conditioner miles away from jewelry section. They can bless these ethereal stones with stains and marks.

4. Prolonged Exposure to Water can be Dangerous

Garnet jewelry is indeed meant to be wore and adorned every day. However, if you want to flaunt over its unparalleled beauty 24*7, then make this stick in your mind to never let it get wet under water. Major instance could be in the kitchen wherein you might be washing dishes. In such, prolonged exposure to that untreated tap water can erode the crystal of the red-raging garnet.

Similar mishap can occur in a swimming pool that is brimming with chlorine-treated water. This ravaging chlorine will affect garnet in the same way that salt does. Even while bathing, it is advisable to always put off your jewelry. This becomes even more mandatory during winters during which most of us takes a hot water bath. Penetration of heat can lead to a foggy mist which might hide the inclusions within the garnet.

5. Adhere to Proper Storage Protocols

If you think that merely throwing and shoving your garnet jewelry in any random wardrobes, then be prepared for a massive heart-break soon. Always ensure to store garnet jewelry with utmost attention. 

To avert the lethal some effects of moist and humidity, use air-tight zip locks or plastic bags that could not be penetrated by air. Furthermore, use pack every piece of garnet jewelry individually. Don’t commit the careless act of storing garnet with a hard mineral or gem like diamond. A single bang against the diamond, and it all over for garnet. Better to secure an exclusive space for storing garnet jewelry. And mind to avoid getting under sunlight or direct heat, goes without saying.

Wrapping Up

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