How To Apply Kajal On Eyes (Alia Bhat Uses This Trick)

Nevertheless, women are blessed to enhance the beauty of their eyes with innumerable eye makeup products. But guess what? Which is the most loved eye makeup product that Indian women are crazy about. Undobtedly, it’s Kajal. But, for achieving the mesmerizing look you need to learn how to apply kajal on eyes perfectly.

Many beauties avoid wearing kajal not because they hate it. But because of being oblivious they correct the way to apply kajal that doesn’t smudge, fade and look beautiful on them.

Well! I was one of them too. When I used to look at mesmerizing eyes of girls adorned with kohl. I felt, maybe kajal is not for my eyes. Because I had tried it several times but instead of beautifying my eyes it did the opposite. 

Thanks to my friend, who taught me how to apply kajal step by step on the eyes without smudging. It truly lit up my world. 

Eyes are the most noticeable feature on the face, and some people say it’s also a doorway to the soul. So, why not take care of it with the safest makeup to look beautiful.

Kohl is totally safe for the eyes, let’s get ahead to learn how to apply kajal for beginners step by step.

How To Apply Kajal On Eyes Perfectly Step By Step

how to apply kajal on eyes

Whether you’re willing to learn how to apply kajal on the waterline or upper & lower lids. I’m going to walk you through in an amazing way that allows you to apply kajal that neither smudges nor fades. Yes! It will stay on your eyes & make you look splendid as long as you want & how you want it to be.

Gear yourself up, and follow the simple steps of how to apply kajal on your eyes to make it look big & beautiful.

Step 1: First of all, you need to clean your eyes. The canvas for applying kajal needs to be super clean for achieving a magnificent look. You can simply put some coconut, olive, or castor oil on cotton pads and remove your stubborn eye makeup around your eyes. And, wash your face afterward.

Step 2: Now your eyes are totally clean & the skin around the eyes is dry. You’re ready for the magnificent application of kajal. But before you do that, sharpen your kohl pencil if you’re using one, and place your mirror where you can comfortably see yourself in the process of applying kajal and apply it perfectly.

Step 3: Hold the kajal pencil and place your hand on your cheeks. And pull your eyelids down a little bit with your left hand. Start off applying the kajal from the middle to the corner of the eyes near to the hairline. The best tip for applying kajal is to avoid applying kajal near the corner of your nose unless you’re tightening your eyes. The reason being, this is the place where kajal smudges a lot.

Step 4: Now it’s time to apply kajal on your upper eyelids. Close your eyes half and place your thumb on your cheek as you are holding the kohl pencil. And, start applying kajal near the lash line. Great, you have learned how to apply kajal on upper lids. Let’s give it a more mesmerizing look.

Step 5: Open your eyes, and merge the line of kajal of your upper & lower lids together in the corner of your eyes. You can also give yourself a cat eye or winged eye look. if you love it simple & sweet just connect the dots of the upper & lower kajal line.

Step 6: It’s time for bringing perfect to your eye makeup craft. Take a Q-tips and fix any imperfection, and after that apply some face powder below your lower eyelids, and again run a smooth stroke of kajal on lower lids. Voila! You’re ready to spellbind everyone with your beautiful eyes embellished with kohl.

Pro Tip: If you’re struggling with dark circles you certainly want to know how to apply kajal on eyes with dark circles. You can follow all the steps as I mentioned. But make sure you apply full coverage concealer which is 2 shades lighter to your skin tone and blends it well with the help of a beauty blender. 

Now you have learned the art of how to apply kohl on your eyes perfectly. I’m sure you also want to use the best kajal for your eyes. If yes! Read on to discover our best picks for you.

5 Best-Selling Kajal In India That Stays Without Smudging 

The method of applying kajal perfectly matters a lot but not when you’re using the kajal that doesn’t stay even for an hour. Look through, the best kajal you should get your hands on for beautifying your eyes every day.

1. Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kajal 

Plum Natur Studio All Day Wear Kajal

Blended with the goodness of castor oil, rice bran wax, and vitamin E Plum Natur studio kajal gives permanence like an eyeliner. If you love bold black eyes, this is the best kajal that gives you a marvelous look without making your eyes watery & signs of allergy at all. Yes! Plum Natur studio all-day wear kajal is 100% chemical-free & vegan.

2. Lakme Eyeconic Kajal 

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

Girls, who are looking for an affordable kajal with super staying power & matte texture would love Lakme eyeconic. It comes in twist-up packaging and gives an intensely dark finish.

3. Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal Super Black 

Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal Super Black

Forget about sensitive & teary eyes. Maybelline New york colossal kajal has a 2X intense black finish with super glide-able formula. Plus, it has long-staying power, and it’s also suitable for wearing contact lenses & sensitive eyes.

4. Faces Ultimate Pro Intense Gel Kajal 

Faces Ultimate Pro Intense Gel Kajal

Perfect! Choice for women who love smokey eyes. Faces ultimate pro intense gel kajal comes with a sharpener & smudger to create the desired look. It has a creamy, super pigmented formula that is suitable for sensitive eyes as well.

5. Himalaya Herbals Kajal 

Himalaya Herbals Kajal 

If you’re someone who would choose natural beauty over long staying power Himalaya herbal kajal is made for you. It is made with the blend of natural ingredients damask rose, Triphala, almond & castor oil for nourishing your eyes & keeping them cool. Nevertheless, it gives intense pigmentation but it only stays for 4-5 hours.

Conclusion: If your eyes say everything about you, let it speak beautifully by embellishing it with perfectly applied kohl. Now, you know how to apply kajal on eyes perfectly. Let it spell magic for you with the best kajal in India.

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