Why You Should Purchase Aquamarine Jewellery?

One of the most majestic and divine gemstones, the stunning and sizzling aquamarine jewelry is adored to be the “March Gemstone”. Since its earliest inception that goes back to 1700’s in Siberia, it has is believed to be a symbol of hope, everlasting happiness and a cheerful youth.

Besides being one of the most iconic and classical bluish gemstone that emanates the purity and sanity, its timeless elegance and shimmer will literally make you fall for its heavenly beauty and charm. The blue colour in this auspicious gemstone represents the calmness and peacefulness of the divine sea and endless sky with a wide horizon.

As per the ancient romans, aquamarine is the stone of love. For long, there was a mystic tradition that was followed according to which the groom used to gift her bride an ethereal and beautiful aquamarine ring on the wedding night. Doing so would bless the couple with affection, a mutual understanding in their relationship and passionate romance.

A highly versatile gemstone that goes out quite well with different types and kinds of attires and themes, exquisite aquamarine jewellery is gaining massive hype amongst the jewellery lovers due to its vibrant and cheerful appearance that resembles the endless and bluish beauty of sea and sky.

The Miraculous Beauty of Aquamarine Jewellery

A gemstone from the beryl family of minerals, aquamarine will leave you awe struck with its mesmerising beauty and colour that is usually of the blue hue with slight shade of green. For the most precious and valuable aquamarine jewellery, the colour slightly goes on a darkish blue side, complimented with a greenish tone on its surface and a moderate to deep intensity.

A vitreous lustre and a comparatively stable and intact hardness levels on the Mohs scale of hardness (7.5-8), aquamarine jewellery is highly durable and can be even passed onto the succeeding generations. Only thing you should keep in mind is to ensure that it should be kept away from heat and moist. Else, you are good to go.

Usually, you will find it in a transparent to semi-translucent surface. Its crystal-clear beauty gets 10x magnified on being struck by the sunlight. Don’t go for the aquamarine stone that is opaque or have a cloudy appearance.

In a nutshell, the miraculous and divine beauty of aquamarine jewellery will compel you to flaunt over your charm and elegance in all the four directions.

However, beauty tends to be the one factor that drives jewellery lovers to try their hands on this bluish gemstone. Besides, what tends to even miraculous is its exemplary and astounding healing properties that has been bestowed by the nature upon aquamarine jewellery. These 4 Healing Properties of Aquamarine Jewellery will make you clear over to why you should try aquamarine jewellery.

1. The Stone of Love

Adorning yourself with a elegant aquamarine ring or pendant can help you to have a happy and healthier love life with your family, parents, partner and all the closed ones. Reason being, aquamarine jewellery connects to your heart charka. It infuses love and positivity in the heart and flushes out all negativity like hate, envy, ego etc. With such purity emanating out of the heart, you will instantly become a highly charming and loveable person where ever you will go in this world.

So, if you and wife are somewhere missing that sense of affection in your bond, then go on to restore that lost affection by adorning yourself with a stunning piece of aquamarine.

2. It Connects to the Throat Chakra

Wearing that shining and glamorous piece of aquamarine pendant that runs down all the way through your neck will work magically to activate and align your throat chakra. This throat chakra is associated with a healthy throat and works for the betterment of other primary body organs like eyes, ears, lungs, etc.

Also, it would make you a good communicator and listener. Besides, it will also bless you with immense creative and intellectual insights that will help you to stand out the crowd with your intelligence and wisdom.

3. Aquamarine Jewellery Drives Positivity and Peace

The divine beauty of aquamarine jewellery will not just only surge your external beauty and personality with its divine sparkle of charm. Besides, it also emanates a vibe brimming of positivity and peace. Such a aura let you defy the negative impact of all the chaos and clashes going in-n-around you. It has been blessed by the nature itself to fill serenity and tranquility in the life of the wearer alike the sea and sky, of which it’s a symbolic of. Wear exquisite aquamarine jewellery to experience a divine and peaceful state of mind.

4. The Stone of Spirituality

Alike most gemstones of the same grade, aquamarine can also help you re-discover yourself on your path to spirituality and enlightenment.

The divine and magical power that resides within this gemstone can help you unleash the hidden potential of your mind locked in the third eye or the crown chakra. Once those powers get activate and unlocked, it automatically work to help you achieve a highly enlightened state of mind. Also, you tend to become more wiser as you discover you inner-self as those divine powers bless you.

Wrapping Up

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